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Businesses are just one funds transfer fraud, ransomware, or email compromise away from exposure.  You need the most comprehensive cyber protection.  That's Coalition

Cybersecurity & Insurance to keep businesses safe.

What is Coalition?


Introducing the most innovative and comprehensive coverage available.

We found existing cyber insurance policies lacking, so we created our own. Full limits, enhanced business interruption cover, protection from physical cyber attacks, computer replacement coverage (an industry first--only available through Coalition), and more.

State-of-the-art cybersecurity

Our proactive cybersecurity platform includes 24/7 monitoring, employee training, and security services to prevent cyber  incidents before they occur and to help mitigate them when they do.  Better yet, it's free.


Best-in-class cyber insurance

Protect the value of your entire business including financial, intangible, and tangible damage, with up to $15M of the most comprehensive cyber insurance available.

Cyber risk is a business risk for every size company

If you can’t access your bank accounts because of a phishing scam — that's a business issue. If your employees can't work because a server’s inoperable — that’s a business issue. Coalition protects your entire business.


Average claim size for Coalition’s SMB policyholders


Average value of funds transferred in a fraudulent wire request by a Coalition policyholder

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Percent of Coalition claims resulting from a business email compromise

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