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Simply Business specializes in many of the coverages small & micro-business owners may need the most, using an online quote process to help business owners find coverage solutions to meet their specific needs.

Cyber  /  MPL  /  Tech E&O

Sayata saves you time and takes the hard work out of placing SMB risks.

Discover, present, and bind coverage with an easy and intuitive platform.

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Place More Cyber.

It's Simple.

Sayata quickly identifies multiple coverage options from leading markets tailored to the needs of the client. In minutes you'll see several Tech E&O+Cyber quotes side-by-side in an easy-to-read comparison chart. Signature to Sayata, all quotes come with educational tools in a customizable sales kit that helps you communicate coverage and close faster.

Securing commercial coverage takes a big chunk of the day. Hours are spent gathering the right quotes, helping the client make sense of them, processing applications, and of course, the usual back and forth with carriers to finalize coverage.


Sayata removes the burden of the quote-bind-issue process allowing you to focus on your clients. With just a few pieces of basic information, you get everything you need to present and bind quotes tailored to your clients. Once a quote is chosen, the pre-filled application is completed online. You bind straight from the Sayata platform.

How it works

Sayata automates the quote-bind-issue process:

What used to take days now takes minutes.

Enter the basics

Enter a few details about the client.  Super easy

View multiple quotes

Almost instantly, you'll see several competitive quotes from leading markets.

Present the quotes you choose

Create a customized proposal pack with quotes and educational materials that convert more submissions to binders.

Bind the policy, fast

Client completes the digital application.  You bind and issue straight from the platform.

Sayata Market Partners

Independent Agents, AmSuisse has markets!

Coastal Property

Hard to Place Risks

High Limit Flood

Admitted & Non-Admitted



Surety Bonds

Commercial Auto


Disability / Critical Illness





Worker's Comp.

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