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Coastal / Tier 1 & 2

Commercial BOP &

Property Program

AmSuisse is quoting Tower Hill Coastal Commercial BOPs & Property policies in Tier 1 & 2 with wind.  To get your agency setup, or for underwriting guidelines or more information, call us at 281-394-1759.

Commercial Residential Property

Homeowner's Associations

Manufactured Housing Communities

LRO / Office Retail

Mercantile* (acceptable classes below)

Self-Storage Facilities

Hotel / Motel

Assisted Living Facilities

Up to $20 Million per property TIV

Admitted Carrier

Direct Bill

*Acceptable Mercantile Classes

• Army and Navy Stores
• Auto Parts and Supplies Stores (no repair)
• Beauty Supply Distributors, Barber Shops,    and Beauty Salons
• Bicycle Shops
• Book and Magazine Stores
• Building Material Dealers
• Camera and Photo Equipment
• Candy Stores
• Catalog or Coupon Redemption Stores
• Coffee Shops
• Clothing Stores
• Photocopy Stores
• Computer Stores
• Delis
• Dental Labs
• Department Stores
• Dry Good Dealers
• Electric Lighting Stores
• Electrical Equipment Distributors
• Electronics Stores
• Engraving
• Fabric Stores or Distributors

• Floor Covering Stores
• Gardening and Light Farming Suppliers
• Gift Shops
• Glass Dealers
• Hardware Distributors
• Hardware Stores
• Health Food Stores
• Hearing Aid Distributors
• Hearing Aid Stores
• Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment       Distributors
• Heating or Combined
• Hobby Stores
• Home Furnishing Stores
• Home Improvement Stores
• Ice Cream Stores
• Internet Service Providers
• Laundry and Dry Cleaning (receiving only)
• Lithography
• Luggage Goods
• Mail Box or Packaging Stores
• Mail Box or Packaging Stores
• Mail Order Houses

• Mailing Companies
• Medical Goods Supply (retail) 
• Metal Dealers (non-structural)
• Music Stores
• Musical Instrument Stores
• Newsstands
• Office Machines (no repair)
• Optical Goods
• Painting/Picture/Frame Stores
• Pet Stores (no exotics)
• Photographers
• Photo Finishing Stores
• Plumbing Supplies
• Printers
• Shoe Stores
• Shoe Stores (repair)
• Sporting Goods Stores
• Stationery/Paper Products Stores
• Tailoring
• Variety Stores (discount)
• Video Stores (rental/sales)
• Clubs, Social (with buildings)
• Clubs, Social (without buildings)

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Coastal Property

Hard to Place Risks

High Limit Flood

Admitted & Non-Admitted



Surety Bonds

Commercial Auto


Disability / Critical Illness





Worker's Comp.

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830 S Mason Rd  -  Suite A1 -  Katy, TX  77450

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