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Cannabis Insurance Specialists

Retailers and Dispensaries


Processors and Manufacturers

Smoke Shops

Blitz are cannabis insurance specialists with deep industry expertise.

Blitz’s cannabis insurance provides fast, simple, quality coverage at a great value.

General Liability, Product Liability, Property, & Lessor's Risk Only (LRO) products available.

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Retailers and Dispensaries

Burglary, vandalism, fire, theft and other hazards can strike a dispensary at any moment.  Coverage typically includes general and product liability insurance.


Cultivators are confronted with a wide range of dangers including fire, theft and equipment breakdown.  Coverage typically includes living  plant coverage, goods in process, finished stock, product liability and business interruption coverage.

Processors and Manufacturers

Processors and manufacturers of cannabis and hemp concentrates and edible products carry many of the same standards and regulatory requirements as vendors of everyday consumer based products.  Coverage typically includes product liability and product recall.

Available Coverages

General Liability

Blitz product liability products are designed to address the unique needs of the specialty areas unique to the cannabis industry.  Through the Blitz program, AmSuisse is able to get instant quotes or indications, flexible tiered coverage options, more accurate risk pricing leading to more approvals, and the option to bundle with other coverages for a simpler, smarter, faster experience.

Cannabis General Liability Insurance Dispensary Smoke Shop

Product Liability

Blitz comprehensive general liability insurance protects your customers from paying for medical expenses, property damage, and more.

Cannabis Product Liability Insurance

Property Insurance

Blitz's comprehensive property insurance protects your customers from damages to buildings, personal property, and inventory.

Cannabis Propery Insurance

Lessors Risk Only

Blitz's Lessors Risk Only program is specifically designed to provide coverage for landlords that rent to cannabis and mixed cannabis/non-cannabis exposures.


Cannabis is a $60 billion dollar specialty market!

Request access to quote cannabis based business insurance today!

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Coastal Property

Hard to Place Risks

High Limit Flood

Admitted & Non-Admitted



Surety Bonds

Commercial Auto


Disability / Critical Illness





Worker's Comp.

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