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Small commercial E&S made simple

Thousands of insurance agents use Pathpoint to quote non-admitted risks in minutes, bind coverage, and have policies issued – all in one place, with 24/7 access.

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General Liability

Quote general liability coverage for your clients fast across contractors, lessor’s risk, vacant buildings, monoline property, and restaurants.

Commercial Property

Quote property coverage for your clients fast across lessor’s risk, vacant buildings, monoline property, and restaurants.

Commercial Package

Quote general liability plus property coverage for your small commercial clients with one submission across lessor’s risk, vacant buildings, and restaurants.

Excess Casualty

Quote excess casualty coverage for your contractor clients fast. Add excess coverage to a contractor’s general liability quote, or quote standalone excess coverage for an in-force contractor’s general liability policy.

Cyber Liability

Quote cyber liability coverage for your small to mid-sized business clients fast.  Just two minutes will get you multiple quotes.



From executive supervisors and subcontractors to roofers, tree trimmers and powerwashing, Pathpoint can get you bindable quotes for artisan contractors fast.

Add excess liability to quotes as you complete the submission, or complement an existing standalone policy. The Pathpoint dynamic supplemental form asks only questions relevant to your application, saving you even more time.

Appetite spotlight

  • Annual revenues up to $3M

  • Limits up to $1M/$2M

  • Excess Liability up to $5M

  • Up to $500K in payroll

  • Up to $5M per-project aggregate

  • Blanket additional insured with waiver of subrogation and primary and non-contributory wording

  • Contractors Tools and Equipment limits up to $5k- $10k

  • New residential construction in 46 states

  • Up to 100% subcontracted work

Considered Risks

  • Those with prior losses or lapses in coverage

  • New ventures with no prior coverage

  • Higher hazard exposures

Frequently quoted classes

  • Subcontractors

  • Powerwashing

  • Landscape gardening & lawn care

  • Executive supervisors & superintendents

  • Carpentry

Lessor's Risk

Lessor’s Risk Only (or LRO) coverage is crucial for building owners to know their property is protected. With Pathpoint, you can get multiple quotes for General Liability or Package by completing one submission.

Even if you’re an agent that focuses mostly on personal lines, you may have clients who are investment property owners and are in need of LRO policies, so be sure to check with all of your clients for new opportunities.

Appetite spotlight

  • Property TIV up to $5M per policy, $3M per location

  • Wind-exposed coastal property, right up to the water

  • Built as early as 1850; buildings prior to 1900 need complete building system upgrades within last 30 years

  • Wind deductibles as low as 2%

Frequently quoted classes

  • Buildings or premises

  • Shopping centers

  • Habitational

  • Parking

  • Vacation rentals

Considered Risks

  • Retail and habitational tenacies

  • Locations with prior loss history

  • New ventures without prior coverage

  • Restaurant tenants with commercial cooking exposure

  • Higher hazard tenant occupancies like Bars & Taverns


Find coverage for vacant buildings and land for your clients fast with one single submission.  Coverage types available for vacant buildings include general liability and package, and general liability is also available for vacant land.

Appetite spotlight

  • Up to $2.5M TIV

  • Properties that are less than 30% occupied

  • Up to 25,000 square feet

  • Buildings up to 3 stores

  • Buildings built as early as 1900

Considered Risks

  • Coastal property accepted

  • Property under renovation

  • Term length of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months


For your clients needing non-admitted general liability and/or property coverage for their restaurant, bar, or tavern, Pathpoint can quote both types of risks in just a few minutes.

Appetite spotlight

  • TIV up to $3M per location / $5M per policy

  • Risks with commercial cooking equipment, as long as they have a UL300 compliant wet ANSUL fire extinguishing system in place over all commercial cooking equipment

  • Risks with cooking equipment that have a semi-annual cleaning contract in place

  • Coverage in all states except for Washington D.C.

Considered Risks

  • Risks with BBQ pits or smokers (provided they're more than 100ft from the premises

  • Risks with cooking at the table (as long as patrons not cooking)

  • Hired non-owned auto, if the risk has no delivery, valet parking, or livery, and which are not food trucks

  • Fast food

  • New ventures (where owner has less than 3 years experience)

Frequently quoted classes

  • Restaurants operated by concessionaries

  • Restaurants with no sale of alcoholic beverages

  • Restaurants with BYOB

  • Restaurants with sale of alcoholic beverages

Monoline Property

Whether your commercial property is subject to wind, earthquakes - or both - Pathpoint has markets to meet your property coverage needs.

Appetite spotlight

  • Up to $5M TIV ($3M per location)

  • No coastal restrictions - terms automatically set based on distance to coast

  • Construction year as early as 1850

  • Earthquake available, including parts of California
    (not available in OK or KS)

Coverage Features

  • Separate deductibles for wind, hail, or earthquake

  • Wind deductibles 2-5% minimum depending on location and distance from coast

  • Ability to offer special form and replacement cost for eligible buildings

Cyber for SMBs

Quote cyber liability coverage for your small to mid-sized business clients fast; Just two minutes will get you multiple quotes.

Appetite spotlight

  • Up to $25M revenue

  • Coverage for any small business in the United States except cryptocurrency, adult entertainment, and gambling

  • Cannabis-based businesses that do not "touch the plant" considered

Coverage Features

  • Up to $3M limits

  • Retentions as low as $1,000

  • Premiums as low as $545

  • Admitted markets available

Cyber insurance can protect your client if they have any of these exposures

  • Company website

  • Company email addresses

  • Company phones, computers, tablets

  • Accepts payment via credit card

  • Online advertisements

  • Contracts are sent via email

  • Info is stored in the cloud or on a server

  • They collect any client information including but not limited to name, email, phone number, address, payment information, date of birth, etc.

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